When Does a Land Rover Need a Tire Alignment?

A wheel alignment on your Land Rover should be performed the same time any new tires are installed. In Sarasota, this occurs normally every 2-3 years. However, there may be other issues that creep up and then an alignment should be done before that period is up.

Here are some common signs that you need a tire alignment:

  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight
  • Uneven or rapid tire wear
  • Tires making noise
Your wheels are aligned when all four of them are true to each other so they are all rolling at the same angle and direction. Misaligned tires can
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How Often Should You Change the Oil in a Land Rover?

land rover oil change near youThe general guideline is that the oil change interval for a Land Rover is  every 3,000 miles for regular oil and every 5,000 miles if you use synthetic oil.

Not Every Land Rover Needs the Same Oil

There are many models of Land and Range Rovers on the market today including Discovery, Sport, LR4, Evoque, & Velar and they will require different kinds of oil. Some will need SAE 5W-30 engine oil, and other models need 0W-20 engine oil for example. If you are not sure what kind of oil your model/year Land Rover needs, we rec
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