Where Can I Find The Differential On My Mercedes-Benz? 

The differential on your Mercedes-Benz is a component attached to the axles of your vehicle, which allows your car’s wheels to turn at different intervals by splitting the engine’s output to each wheel. It means the inner and outer wheels of the vehicle can turn differently as you take corners, keeping your Mercedes-Benz riding as smoothly as possible. Differential oil is used to keep the ring and pinion gears of the differential well lubricated as it transfers power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. If the oil used to lubricate the differential runs low or gets excessively dirty it can lead to the differential failing and the gears in it to begin to skip. The differential will overheat and you will begin to deal with metal on metal contact. Listen for a howling or whining sound as you drive, or a vibration in your turns, as this is a telltale sign of an issue with your differential. When this occurs don’t hesitate to book an appointment at a licensed mechanic near you.  

Is Differential Fluid The Same As Transmission Fluid?

differential oil mercedes-benz sarasota jesses garageAlthough both differentials and transmissions use what’s called a gear oil they are not the same thing. If you drive a manual transmission Mercedes-Benz the viscosity of the two oils will be slightly different. If you drive an automatic transmission they are most definitely different. At Jesse’s Garage, our highly skilled and experienced mechanics know the exact types of oil that will give your vehicle the very best performance. 

When To Change Your Mercedes-Benz’ Differential Oil 

We recommend having your differential oil assessed and changed every 30,000-50,000 miles to keep your differential running at peak performance and to avoid larger more costly repair issues from arising. It doesn’t take very long to change the differential oil and it doesn’t cost very much but is a messy job and one best left to a local trusted mechanic near you. 

Get Your Mercedes-Benz’ Differential Oil Serviced Today!

If you live in the Sarasota area and are in need of any sort of fluid maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz we can help. Whether it’s your differential oil, or something else, at Jesse’s Garage we are trusted licensed mechanics that can expertly and efficiently flush any system and get your vehicle back on the road quickly and affordably. Book your fluid service appointment today! 941-914-2202.