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Sarasota Land Rover, Range Rover, and Jaguar Intake Valve Cleaning

What is intake valve cleaning?

Intake valve cleaning services can be done with a physical blasting media (typically walnut shells, which can be burned off without damaging internal engine components in very small quantities) or a chemical cleaner to break down carbon that has built up on the intake valves.


Do Jaguars, Land Rovers, or Range Rovers need intake valve cleaning?

In direct-injected Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover vehicles, intake valve cleaning is recommended. Intake valve cleaning became a more widespread maintenance service after the introduction of gasoline direct injection (DI) fueling systems. Gasoline DI fueling systems became preferred to port injection because DI systems increase fuel and combustion efficiency in the cylinder by injecting gasoline directly into the cylinder instead of into the intake (before the intake valves). With port injection the gasoline is mixed into the air and “cleans” the intake valves as the gasoline/air mixture rushes by. In direct injection systems, though, only the air passes by the intake valves. This air-only mixture contains small amounts of engine oil as well, as the engine crankcase often vents back into the intake. This light oil, over tens of thousands of miles and hundreds of hours running, slowly builds up into a thick, greasy sludge on the surface of the valves, as there is no gasoline to clean it off. This buildup is known as “carbon buildup” or “carbon deposits” and can lead to misfires, poor fuel economy, reduced performance, oil consumption, and driveability issues.


How can I avoid intake valve cleaning in my Jaguar, Land Rover, or Range Rover?

Carbon buildup, in many cases, cannot be avoided but it can be maintained. Services should be performed routinely (just as you change the engine oil routinely) on a schedule to keep the valves clean so that you do not experience driveability issues on the road.


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