Mercedes-Benz Maintenance and Repair Schedule

mercedes logo routine maintenance schedule jesses garage sarasotaMercedes are finely-tuned precision vehicles, routine maintenance is of paramount importance to keep them running as efficiently as possible. When you purchase a Mercedes it comes with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which offers the following service items for the first 4 years or 50,000 miles whichever comes first:

It’s still important to continue to maintain your Mercedes after you’re outside of the service care package parameters. And there are many items that are excluded from the standard service package, for example, brake pads and repair or battery replacement. Mercedes does offer prepaid extended warranties that can be customized, but these can be quite pricey and don’t always cover exactly what you need. It makes more sense to bring your Mercedes to a qualified mechanic near you. At Jesses Garage, your top Sarasota automotive technician specializing in fine European models of vehicles, we can help you stick to the recommended service schedule for your Mercedes as outlined below. 

Regular Checks Performed by the Vehicle Operator

There are some maintenance issues a vehicle owner can keep an eye on themselves. In addition to the routine maintenance procedures usually performed by mechanics, Mercedes-Benz also recommends that you regularly check, and address when necessary, the following items:

mercedes maintenance and repair jesses garage sarasota

Although these can easily be handled by the vehicle owner, here at Jesses Garage we are happy to assist with any of these minor maintenance issues as well. And besides routine maintenance, we have the expertise to handle any repair issues you might be experiencing with your Mercedes. 

When it’s time to bring your vehicle into the garage for maintenance why not bring it to a trusted Mercedes auto mechanic near you? Call our office today to set up your appointment.