Mini Cooper Maintenance and Repair Schedule

Mini Cooper Maintenance and Repair Schedule Jesses GarageThe Mini lines of vehicles comes with one of the most comprehensive schedule maintenance programs in its class, covering recommended scheduled maintenance for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles ( or whichever comes first).

This includes items such as:

More specifics are found in this manual:


But what happens after your complementary scheduling runs out.. do you continue going to the dealer for service at inflated prices?

Gen2 MINI Cooper and Cooper S models have a slightly different maintenance schedule than Gen3 models but these are the general recommendations.

The next time you are in your Mini, check the mileage on the odometer to see discover if you are behind schedule on your regular maintenance or fluid maintenance.


mini cooper maintenance jesses garageRegular Checks Performed by the Vehicle Operator

In addition to the maintenance procedures usually performed by mechanics, MINI recommends that you regularly check, and address when necessary, the following items:
• Washer fluid level
• Engine oil level
• Coolant level
• Brake fluid level
• Tires — pressure, condition and wear


If you are behind on your Mini Cooper maintenance service schedule, or not sure how to properly check these items, please give us a call.