Transmission Fluid Service For Your MINI In Sarasota

Mini_Cooper_engine jesses garage sarasota near youOne of the defining features of the Mini brand is the popularity of their manual transmissions, and although you can purchase an automatic Mini they have never sold as well as their manual counterparts. When it comes to driving a manual transmission vehicle extra care needs to be taken to make sure that the components are maintained properly. One of the steps a Mini owner can take is to have the transmission fluid regularly flushed and replaced as recommended by the Mini’s service schedule. Some models of the Mini specify that they have ‘lifetime fluid’ that does not need to be replaced but even these work better if they are flushed. It is recommended that you make an appointment at your local qualified mechanic to have your transmission fluid changed every 30,000-60,000 miles. At Jesse’s Garage, your top Sarasota auto repair experts, we will assess the color of the fluid and the smell. Transmission fluid should have a pinkish-clear hue. If there is a burnt smell at all to it, it’s time to have your transmission fluid replaced. And at the same time, one of our certified auto specialists can replace your transmission filter. 

How To Check The Transmission Fluid Level On Your Mini

Transmission fluid needs to be the correct color and topped to the correct level to make sure your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible. To check the level of your transmission fluid on your Mini follow these steps:

  1. Run your vehicle for about fifteen minutes. You can go for a drive or leave it in neutral in your driveway running if you prefer. 
  2. After fifteen minutes locate the dipstick typically positioned at the rear of your Mini’s engine although you may have to consult your owner’s manual for exact positioning.
  3. Slip the dipstick into the transmission fluid and then pull it out to check the color and smell. If it isn’t a pinkish color or has a burnt smell it’s time to have it changed
  4. You can also check the level at the time. The dipstick has a fill line on it. If the transmission fluid level falls below this line it’s time to top up your transmission fluid, or take it to your nearest garage for assistance. 

Get Your Mini’s Transmission Fluid Serviced Near You Today!

If you live in the Sarasota area and are in need of fluid maintenance for your Mini we can help. Whether you drive a manual or automatic Mini we can handle its transmission needs. At Jesse’s Garage, we are trusted licensed mechanics that can expertly and efficiently flush any system and get your vehicle back on the road quickly and affordably. Book your fluid service appointment today! 941-216-0889.

For more on an idea of what the routine maintenance schedule for MINI looks like click the link. And if you are looking for quality MINI repair near you we are more than capable of dealing with technical and mechanical issues as well.


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