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Jesses Garage porsche Fluid service infographicRoutine maintenance is key when wanting to make sure your Porsche stays in tip-top shape and running smoothly. One of the top priorities on your Porsche’s routine maintenance list should be watching its fluids and making sure to top up, flush, or change them when necessary. Handling the changing of fluids in your Porsche can be a tricky thing. Damage can be caused if fluids are not dealt with correctly. It’s why we offer a wide range of fluid maintenance services at Jesse’s Garage. Bringing your vehicle to our Sarasota-based garage for regular fluid servicing in your Porsche will prolong its life on the road. And it will keep you from having to deal with a breakdown or other repair situation.


At Jesse’s Garage, we specialize in providing top-quality maintenance for all European luxury automobile makers, including Porsche. Our experienced and trusted mechanics know the intricacies of the many types of Porsche engines on the market. We can take care of any fluid issues you might have with your rear-located, air-cooled engine, dual permanent magnetic synchronous AC motor, flat-six engine, or other models of the engine in your Porsche.  


There are seven types of vehicle fluids that you should pay attention to in your Porsche to keep it performing at its very best. Washer fluid is the most obvious to deal with, especially if you run out while driving on a dusty Florida road. And we all know how important regular oil changes are, but the others are just as, if not more, important to pay attention to. 



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If you live in the Sarasota area and are in need of fluid maintenance for your Porsche we can help. Whether it’s your brake fluid, differential oil, or something else, at Jesse’s Garage we are trusted mechanics that can expertly and efficiently flush any system and get your vehicle back on the road quickly and affordably. Book your fluid service appointment today! Or call us at 941-914-2202.


And if you are looking for quality Porsche repair near you we are more than capable of dealing with technical and mechanical issues as well such as Porsche suspension problems, or brake replacement.


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“I had Jesse perform a PPI on a prospective 2006 Porsche 911 C2S. He was able to set a timely appointment which was extremely important as I was doing this from out of state. His work and evaluation of the car were top-notch. He provided a comprehensive report and followed up with a phone call to review his findings. He was objective and very transparent in everything he found and we talked through the short of long term implication of each of his findings. I would certainly trust Jesse with any of my cars.”

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