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Range Rover is a sub brand to the British vehicle maker Land Rover and are well known for their luxury. We take great care when doing any repair or service on your Range Rover vehicles because we know how much you have invested in your automobile. Our goal for every Range Rover repair and service in Sarasota, FL is to be absolutely certain that you will drive your vehicle out of our shop in the best condition possible!

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From scheduled maintenance and basic oil change to complex electrical repairs, Jesses’ Garage is the affordable mechanic in Florida for all your Range Rover service needs. Our Range Rover experts care about you and your Land Rover or Range Rover and we strive to provide the highest quality of service and personal attention.

Independent Range Rover Repair & Diagnostic Facility in Florida

Preventative maintenance can goes long way to saving you money in the long term. We always strive to find the repairs that can help you do just that, and we’ll give you an honest and fair appraisal of the state of your vehicle.

You’ll be involved every step of the way as our experienced Range Rover Mechanics keeps you up to date on what is going on during the repair or service of your Range Rover vehicle.

Range Rover vehicles are relatively trouble-free in their early years, which is why it is important to bring them in for routine maintenance to an experienced mechanic near you in Florida. They do have the potential however to be very costly to repair, especially the suspension systems, some of which feature height control and active cornering. Taking care of your vehicle can mean paying $300-400 for a repair instead of thousands.

Take the time to ask an expert mechanic questions, we’ll be glad to answer them!

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Range Rover FAQ

How to Reset Air Suspension on Range Rover

When you’ve had to change or disconnect the battery for some reason on your Range Rover once you’ve reconnected it you very often get a warning show up on the dashboard which reads – air susp. inactive – which means that the air suspension system is now inactive on your vehicle. It’s very easy to fix this issue you simply need to recalibrate the steering sensor. To do this put your vehicle in park, start the car with the handbrake engaged, then twist the steering wheel from the far right locked position to the far left locked position. This should clear the fault warning.

Range Rover Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

It’s important to watch the fluid levels of your vehicle and make sure they are topped up when necessary. For certain Range Rover owners who want to quickly check the transmission fluid level, this can be a bit tricky. Depending on the model of Range Rover you own the transmission fluid dipstick might be found near the front of your engine, however, for a growing number of them, there is no dipstick. The transmission is fully sealed to prevent debris from getting in it. So how can you check your fluid levels? The only real way is to turn the vehicle on while in park, let it run for about five minutes to make sure the fluid is warmed up. Then you’ll need to climb under the car while it is still running and locate the transmission oil pan. There is a fill plug on the face of the pan. If you pop it out and a small amount of fluid drips out your transmission is full if nothing comes out it’s low on fluid. You can also bring your Range Rover to a qualified mechanic near you to quickly check your transmission fluid levels keeping you from having the hassle of climbing under your vehicle.

What Does Gearbox Fault Mean on a Range Rover?

Vehicles these days have more sensors and electronic components than ever. If your vehicle won’t start and displays – gearbox fault – it is related to the battery and not having enough sufficient battery voltage. It means that you need to jump the battery. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to check your cables for corrosion.

How to Install Range Rover Sport Front License Plate Bracket?

When it comes to certain types of Range Rovers, especially the sport models, it can be difficult to attach the front license plate bracket because the front grille is not designed to have a license plate attached. To attach the bracket you will need to drill holes into the bumper and then screw the plate to the bumper. It can be difficult to line up where to put the holes so bringing your Range Rover to an experienced mechanic can make sure that the plate is attached accurately and correctly since the last thing you want is a license plate that sits at a funny angle on the front of your vehicle.

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Why Jesses Garage For Your Range Rover Maintenance?

We have been repairing and servicing high-end European vehicles in Sarasota, Florida for over ten years and pride ourselves on offering the very best services at fair prices. A very common question is, how do I find a mechanic near me that isn’t too expensive? At Jesses Garage we want to work with you; making sure your Range Rover receives top quality service without breaking the bank.

Jesses Garage has state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment able to get to the root of any problem your Range Rover might have.

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“The staff at Jesse’s Garage are very professional. They were able to find the issue with my Range Rover which other shops were not able to (including Land Rover Dealership). They are easy to contact and will always update you on your vehicle status promptly.”

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