Jesses’ Garage Sarasota Reviews

We have some great reviews that our customers have left us over the last few years. 

“Where do I begin? My first experience with Jesses’ Garage was in 2016. I have a 1999 BMW 323i. We found Jesses’ Garage out of the blue online – this was the best decision ever. I’ve never met a more honest and giving person while saving to expand his business. He fixed a window regulator without breaking anything when a company in St. Pete destroyed parts of the other door to fix a regulator – I was devastated as I wanted to gradually restore my BMW. Jesse and his expert team fixed the regulator flawlessly in addition to air conditioning service at great prices and fast service. Jesse always took the time to explain what and how he did the job and what we could do to avoid any future problems. When it came time to change the convertible top along with some major work, we knew the only place to go. Engine mounts, control arms, bushings and numerous filter changes. Jesse is an exceptional mechanic and found a problem that he worked on endlessly until he found the problem and fixed it after hours of research. Jesse will be the only person to touch my BMW and I highly recommend Jesse and his team. Jesse and his wife Sharon are genuine and a joy to know. Mimi & Smitty”
Mimi Felmly


“I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. Service is always done quickly and correctly with explanations of what is being done and why it is needed. I feel Jesse is very honest and would never mislead me to make a buck. I discovered Jesse’s online a few years ago when I was looking for a BMW mechanic. I’m so glad I did.”
Carol Hirschburg


“Jessse is the most trusted and honest person I have had the pleasure to deal with. I have a BMW 760Li and I only trust his place of business Jesses Garage to do the work on my car. I know when he tells me or advises me on any issues with my car that it is the truth and he is not trying to up charge me or tell me something is needed when in fact it is not I can not say this about the local BMW dealership from before I met Jesse. I would highly recommend Jesse’s Garage to anyone with a European model vehicle. I very rarely ever write reviews but Jesse is honest, trustworthy and 100% quality work. There are very few people in business with his ethics and that deserves to be noted and praised. I can not be more happy I found him and use him exclusively for anything on my car.
Jeff S.”
Jeff Schermerhorn


“You are amazing! You always take great care of me even when I show up without an appointment (dead battery). You always let me know what you’re doing and have Never made me feel like I was being taken advantage of.”
Karen Stollon


“I have learned, through multiple appointments with Jessie’s Garage, that I can not only depend on good service but honesty and integrity with the advice provided. If Jessie says I need a new part, I know he’s not trying to upsell me. He has my safety in mind. He helped me keep my Jaguar running smoothly for over 120 miles, and certainly knows more about my Mercedes than I do! I don’t take my cars to the dealer anymore. Jessie is my go-to auto repairman!”
Jill Berg


“Jesse is a great operator with an excellent team of technicians. I always feel that what my car needs has been explained to me in a manner that I can understand. Jesse lays out a list of what is critical to safety and what will need to be done in the upcoming future. He uses quality parts and charges a reasonable fee for services rendered.”
Ben Gough


“You and your crew are great. You take the time to explain what you are going to do and what needs to be done in a friendly,easy way to understand. It is always a pleasure to see you. Fred Heiderman”
Fred Heiderman


“Both my Land Rover and Mercedes has been working without any issue since Jesse started to service them.”
Jim Nomer


“I have been taking my cars to Jesses’ garage for repairs and services for 5 years now. Very satisfied with the service. Saved me so much money repairing my Range Rover Sports , BMW X5 , Cadillac Escalade over the years. Very knowledgeable with European cars . I would highly recommend them .”
Bulent Bolgen


“We have used Jesse’s Garage for many years. His work is rock solid, he’s very fair and he stands behind his efforts.
Knowledgeable and thorough. Shows great pride in his work and it shows.”
Andy Dorr


“Jesse is a very experienced mechanic and he has some very talented young mechanics working for him.”
Jim Toale


“Jesse is an excellent and trustworthy mechanic. His honesty and professionalism set him apart. I highly recommend Jesses Garage.”
Pamela Bonanni


“Completely happy with Jesse’s work on my car. A car mechanic that a woman (who knows nothing about cars) can trust! Jesse has been maintaining my car for 2 years .”
Elaine Comeau


“Jesse’s is the place to go. He is honest, carefully looks at all aspects of your car and comes through time and time again.”
Rick Lisker


“I only ever trusted Jesse with my car and repairs. Not only did I feel he was trustworthy, but he was always able to complete repairs in a timely manner and be flexible with when I needed my car back. He is the best! A true gem of a business.”
Kim Napoline


“Excellent service, cannot be faulted. Quite simply the best.”
Bob Aldridge


“Great people with great quality of work. Definitely highly recommended specially for complicated european cars.”
Riz Rusli


“Knowledgeable and precise diagnostics. Prices were appropriate and listens to your input.”
Stella Colgate


“I had a great experience with jesses garage every time I had to take my car in! They were timely and reliable. Would recommend their services to anyone.”
Cassidy Ball


“I trust Jesse completely with keeping my car in great shape. He doesn’t magnificent job and I always believe him when he tells me what I need to do for my car. I have a 2005 and I expect it to keep going for a long time because of Jesse.”
Elizabeth Bergmann


“I have used Jesse’s garage for 5 years. From his humbel beginnings to his current wonderful space he has always treated my classic car as his own. His price and workmanship is great and he and his crew really care about the car.”
Jeff Hanson


“Great knowledge and coustomer service. Very helpful helping me get my car back up and running again.”
Dennis Knowles


Adrian Harrison on Google states:

I am new to the Sarasota area and have a Mini Cooper convertible S. I had tried multiple places (including driving all the way up to tampa!) looking for a mechanic that I could trust and who also had decent prices. I felt very comfortable with my car in the hands of Jesse’s Garage, and was very pleased with my service. I will definitely be returning with my mini-and all future cars! Thank you Jesse!

John Peter Winkler on Google states:

I’ve been taking my 2011 BMW X3 35i to Jesse’s Garage for roughly 3 years now. I found Jesse’s Garage from all the great reviews he had on Google. He’s honest, skilled at his craft, and has a great team around him at the shop. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else !

Dennis Knowles on Google states:

I recently purchased a Land Rover and I was concerned about a few problems I was having. A friend of mine recommended me to Jesses’ Garage and after looking at other reviews I now know why they’re as high as they are. Jesse Knows his stuff, he and his team were able to diagnose and explain to me what was causing the misfiring with my Land Rovers engine and how to go about fixing the problem. After talking with Jesse and a few other mechanics around the shop who are just as personable I now know where ill be taking my vehicles from now on to be serviced. Great shop and honest mechanics, its hard to find that these days.

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