Take Care of Your Mercedes-Benz Transmission Fluid

Mercedes-Benz’ are characterized by their precision-engineered transmissions; capable of high comfort and fuel economy while still being powerful and offering short shift times. Transmission issues in Mercedes-Benz are rare, and even more so if you properly maintain your vehicle. If you make sure to bring your Mercedes-Benz to a qualified mechanic near you every once in a while for a tune-up, you will avoid costly repair bills of your transmission going out. 

Signs Your Mercedes-Benz Transmission Is Going Out

Because the transmission controls the speed of your vehicle by regulating the power output from the engine to the wheels and driveshaft it is an incredibly important part of your vehicle. If you notice a clunking or whining sound, vibrations, or your car stops responding correctly when you put your foot on the gas pedal; it doesn’t speed up, or the engine revs unprovoked, it is time to take your Mercedes-Benz to the closest skilled mechanic near you. 

transmission fluid mercedes-benz sarasota jesses garageWhen To Replace The Transmission Fluid On A Mercedes-Benz 

To keep your transmission working at its best, it is recommended that you make an appointment at your local qualified mechanic to have your transmission fluid changed every 60,000-100,000 miles. At Jesse’s Garage, your top Sarasota auto repair experts, we will assess the color of the fluid and the smell. Transmission fluid should have a pinkish-clear hue. If there is a burnt smell at all to it, it’s time to have your transmission fluid replaced. And at the same time, one of our certified auto specialists can replace your transmission filter. 

Get Your Mercedes-Benz’ Transmission Fluid Serviced Today!

If you live in the Sarasota area and are in need of fluid maintenance of any kind for your Mercedes-Benz we can help. Whether it’s your transmission fluid, or something else; at Jesse’s Garage we are trusted licensed mechanics that can expertly and efficiently flush any system and get your vehicle back on the road quickly and affordably. Book your fluid service appointment today! 941-914-2202.

For more on an idea of what the routine maintenance schedule for Mercedes-Benz looks like click the link