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Sarasota Air Suspension Diagnosis and Repair

Modern European cars are the epitome of sophistication and engineering when it comes to luxury automobiles. Land Rover, Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW (and other) SUVs are able to increase ride height for different terrains, lower ride height for comfort and accessibility, stiffen for stability, and soften for a plush ride all at the turn of a knob. This is only possible due to the sophisticated air suspension systems that are installed.

Major Components

There are a few major components in all air suspension systems: the air suspension compressor, valve block, reservoir, lines, vent, and air shocks/springs. The air shocks/springs are the bags at each corner that replace the traditional shock/spring combination. Springs are responsible for supporting the vehicle's weight and shocks damp the vehicle's suspension travel. The lines are the actual hoses and tubing that deliver the air between components and the vent is responsible for venting excess air when a volume of air is not needed. The reservoir is the tank that holds the compressed air, ready to deliver when needed. The valve block is the component that takes air in from the air compressor or reservoir and distributes it, either to the front and rear or left and right. The air suspension compressor is the component that pumps air at the manufacturer-specified pressures to the reservoir or valve block.

Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnosing air suspension is an iterative process. Imagine blowing up a floating pool raft; you blow it up and it holds pressure for a few seconds before it deflates. You inspect it for leaks and spot a large puncture. The only way to ensure the raft is totally leak-free is to repair that leak, then re-test to confirm the repair or continue diagnosing. There may very well be multiple leaks, but you have to address the largest of the leaks before you can even detect the smaller ones. This is a simplified version of the diagnostic process of air suspension leaks.

When it comes to leaking air suspensions, you want to have your certified and experienced repair shop diagnose and repair it as quickly as possible. This is a time-sensitive matter! If left unattended, the compressor will run overtime, trying to compensate for air escaping through the leak. When the compressor runs at such extreme duty cycles, it overheats and loses performance. The car will eventually detect this underperformance and trigger a fault code for the compressor. At this point, the damage to the hard components has been done and require replacement. This is why it is important to fix the problem early and call right away if you notice your car sitting low overnight, when coming back to it after a day at work, etc.

We have diagnosed and repaired all air suspension systems from Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, you name it! We are specialists in these systems and know exactly where to look, what pressures to expect, and what is the cause of these issues. Call us today for any concerns you have about your car's air suspension system or any other maintenance or repair on your vehicle!

Sarasota Air Suspension Diagnosis and Repair - Jesse's Garage European Auto Repair

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