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5 Signs You Need Brake Repair


The importance of your vehicle's brakes can’t be overlooked. Every time you step on the brake pedal, the brakes engage, and they wear out a little bit at a time. You can drive for thousands of miles before you need a replacement, but don't wait that long if you suspect something. There are certain signs that you can look out for; here are five of the most common ones:

1. Increased Braking Time

One of the most obvious signs that your brakes are wearing out is an increase in the time it takes your vehicle to come to a full stop or decelerate. The longer it takes the bigger the issue. Brake repair services can be found at almost every automotive shop, so don’t let this pass unnoticed.

2. Weird Vibrations While Driving

If you feel vibrations while driving, most of the time, the problem lies in the brakes. To be more specific, the rotors on your car can bend sometimes due to a variety of factors. These slight deformations can cause vibration when the brake pads are pushing on them. This can be, at first, almost unnoticeable but can result in more damage than you think, so we advise you to go and have it checked.

3. You Can Hear a Squeaking Noise

Do not worry if you start hearing a squeaking noise out of nowhere. Some manufacturers put a wear indicator in their brake pads. This can normally be heard while driving, and strangely enough goes away when you press the brakes. It can be fixed by a quick visit to your local auto shop, and a brake pad repair procedure.

4. Your Car Pulls to One Side While Braking 

Vehicles can experience uneven brake pad wear, which results in pulling to one side. If you let this go unattended, unwanted stress may occur on your steering mechanism, ball joints, wheel bearings, and more.

5. Soft Brake Pedal

You can experience a softer, spongier brake pedal if there is a leak in the system or a variety of other complications. An unresponsive pedal can lead to very big trouble on the road, so we strongly advise you to have it inspected by a professional

Wondering Where to Fix These Brake Issues?
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