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What Does the ABS Warning Light Mean?

ABS Warning Light
ABS refers to your car's antilock braking system. If your car's ABS warning light is on in your car's gauge cluster, that means the anti-lock system has been deactivated because of a malfunction. The antilock braking system is designed to prevent you from locking up your brakes by applying so much pressure that the brakes, axle, and wheels stop moving completely.
This feature comes in handy when you travel at high speeds and use breaks suddenly. If you suddenly apply the brakes and they lock while the car is still in motion, you will be thrust into a skid, losing control of the vehicle, which can lead to a dangerous accident.

Why is My ABS Warning Light On?

There are a few reasons why your ABS light is illuminated, but they all lead to one conclusion: your ABS is turned off, which is not ideal. It is important to note that you can turn your ABS on and off at will. Here are some reasons your ABS is turned off.

  • An ABS controller that has stopped working- There are a few reasons your controller is not working, which your mechanic will inform you of once they inspect your vehicle.
  • A broken wire between the ABS controller and the sensors- Broken wires are often easy to identify and repair when you take the car to the auto repair shop.
  • A blown fuse in the system- the good news is a blown fuse is easy as pie to fix, but it's still best you let the experts handle it.
  • A damaged wheel-speed sensor-

Can I Drive My Car With the ABS Light On?

Yes, you can. In fact, most people ignore the lights on the gauge cluster and end up paying the ultimate price for it. The lights on your dashboard are designed to protect you by allowing you to take action on time and repair anything broken in the vehicle. Don't be a statistic; take action today and safeguard your life and the lives of your passengers.
If your ABS needs attention from the finest in the industry, give Jesse's Garage European Auto Repair a call today.

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