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When Should You Replace The Brakes On Your BMW

When you drive a BMW, you drive a vehicle designed for sophisticated and exhilarating vehicle dynamics. As you may know, they are rewarding to drive but this means that is important to pay attention to your brake’s needs. At Jesse’s Garage, the top Sarasota mechanic near you, we specialize in any and all BMW brake repair.

BMW Brake Repair and Replacement Sarasota - Jesse's Garage European Auto Repair

We have the experience and expertise to deal with any issue your BMW could be dealing with, including braking issues. We offer complete brake replacement services, from brake pads, rotors and calipers to entire braking systems if necessary.

Every driver is different with unique driving habits. Because of this, the interval between replacing your brakes can vary. Generally speaking, you would be looking to go to your local BMW mechanic for a brake replacement around the 40,000-mile mark, but if you tend to baby your brakes and gently coast to stops you could push it to as far as 90,000+ miles. Conversely, if you like to push your vehicle and find that your tendency is to brake hard, you could possibly need a brake replacement as soon as 25,000 miles.

How To Determine When You Need To Replace The Brakes on Your BMW

Because there is such a large range for when your brakes will need to be replaced by a BMW mechanic, there are some signs to pay attention to which let you know it is time for a brake replacement.

  • Scraping or Whining Sound – BMW brake pads have a wear indicator built into them. When your brakes have been reduced to about 25%, a little metal embossment becomes exposed. It is your warning that you are going to need to come into a licensed mechanic for a brake replacement sooner than later.
  • Pulsation or Soft Pedal – Your brake pedal can actually give you a lot of information about whether it’s time to get your brakes replaced. Watch for vibrations or jittering in the pedal when you press your foot down. If you have to press your foot down much further to the floor for braking, please give us a call today!
  • Low Brake Pad Thickness – As you know, brakes are designed to wear away; this is to say that they are consumable wear items. We are happy to inspect your brake life for free! We monitor the life of your brakes (amongst almost 40 other things) each time your car visits Jesse's Garage. Anything less than 3 millimeters is considered low brake pad thickness and time for a brake replacement job.
  • Brake Light On your Dashboard – If you are able to overlook the scraping sound of your brakes, or a soft brake pedal while coming to stops at stoplights, there is another failsafe to make sure you bring your brakes in for a brake replacement. Your BMW brakes have sensors that will trigger when your brake pad thickness is getting too low. This causes your brake light on your dashboard to light up. When this light comes on, don’t hesitate, book an appointment at your trusted BMW brake repair specialist near you!

What Does It Mean When Your Brake Light Comes On?

Your brake light coming on can mean it’s time for your brakes to be replaced but it can also indicate a more serious problem, that there is something in your braking system that needs to be repaired. The brake light exists to warn you that you need to pay attention to your brakes. You could be low on brake fluid or worse - leaking braking fluid. If this is happening, you want to get to a BMW mechanic near you as soon as possible.

Bring Your BMW In To Jesse's Garage For Routine Check-Ups

Many issues can be avoided simply by bringing your vehicle into a trusted local mechanic near you from time to time. When you bring your BMW to Jesse’s Garage we can give you a full rundown of all issues that could be presenting themselves whether that be with your brakes, your BMW’s suspension, or something else; we help you take care of them before they become major problems. If you live in the Sarasota area, book your appointment for routine BMW maintenance at Jesse’s Garage today!

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