Pre-Purchase Inspection

There’s no need for you to rely on luck when purchasing a used car. You need to know the history and exact condition of the vehicle before you make that big decision and start negotiating. The majority of dealerships around the country offer services such as a Carfax report in order to assist in shining some light on the history of the vehicle. Bear in mind that even though these reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you whether the car is rusty, needs brakes or mechanical repair, has questionable electrical repair apparent, check for chips in the paint, and so on.

It is extremely important for vehicles to have the proper preventative maintenance. A pre-purchase inspection can give you an expert's opinion on the vehicle's systems and parts. For example, inspecting a used vehicle's tires, engine, hoses, belts and other important engine components can make a big difference in the asking the price of the car, as you may otherwise face a never-ending investment in repair bills.

Jesse's Garage has a longstanding reputation with our customers in the area. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and specialty-levels of auto repair without trying to sell you unnecessary repairs or services.

We have a team of experienced and trained ASE certified technicians that are ready to assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are about to purchase. Our technicians’ advice is to have a pre-purchase inspection done when buying a vehicle with no warranty.

You can put your trust in Jesse's Garage to provide you with a comprehensive review of your potential vehicle. We have absolutely zero affiliation with any dealer in the area - a PPI is meant to be BUYER protection! Before you decide to buy a used car, let our team of expert technicians provide you with a complete pre-purchase inspection!

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