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Sarasota Timing Belt Replacement

Jesse's Garage is the expert for your European car when you are looking for a timing belt replacement. We have a team of professional and experienced technicians, whom are committed to the highest standard of customer care and providing top-quality services and repairs. We have replaced countless timing belts and have all the knowledge of all the quirks of these vehicles!

When To Replace Timing Belt or Chain?

At some point during your vehicles life, you will have to change the timing belt. We take a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance and recommend most timing belts be replaced at 85,000 miles or sooner. Sometimes, there are cars that have timing chains instead of a timing belt. These timing chains can still stretch or break and could be noisier when they do so. The owner's manual of your car will tell you when you have to change your timing belt. You have to change it before it becomes a serious problem. A lot of vehicles have complicated internal systems that must work in perfect synchrony all together and when the timing belt breaks, the internal parts of the engine are destroyed. This often happens suddenly and the damage occurs instantly. This is why we are proactive about the maintenance before the damage is done!

While You’re At It…

When you are having your timing belt replaced, there is another component that runs on this belt: the water pump. We replace your water pump at the same time as the timing belt. This saves on labor, as the labor to replace the water pump is the same as doing the belt!

At our auto repair shop, our certified technicians have been replacing timing chains, timing belts, and water pumps for years. If your vehicle needs a new timing belt, water pump, or timing chain, give us a call or schedule an appointment online!

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